Chad Bender

             Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Graphic Design

Click to display full size. This page is sort of a mixture of graphic design and photomanipulation.

Colored Pencils

Photoshop class project, taking photo and changing its color scheme
Retro Grid

1980s-styled background made for personal usage
Animal Fusion

Photoshop class project, merging different animals together
No photos used belong to me

Logo made for organization based around bringing Napa-related news and other content to a millennial audience.
Shield Composition

Graphic design class project, shield based on The Legend of Zelda from Nintendo mounted on a wall
Shield made in Adobe Illustrator
Nintendo Mandala

Nintendo-themed mandala made for graphic design class
Made entirely in Adobe Illustrator
Hotkeys and Heartbreak

Logo made for an official event at the Napa Valley Museum displaying artistic independently-developed video games
PPF Shield

Logo created for fictional organization in one of my own personal projects
The Upkeep Logo

Logo designed for potential Local Game Store startup company
Carbonanza Box

Box designed for board game made as part of an interactive media class project